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Our Story

Hi there!! Thank you for stopping by the Worship Worthy shop! My name is Alison Hatfield and I'm a Midwest girl from Minnesota, now living in Los Angeles. I've spent the last 9 years as a Jewelry and Accessories buyer, most recently with Forever 21. 

My career allows me the privilege of developing and buy jewelry and accessories for all of our US Retail stores, as well as our Online site and International locations. It's an unreal feeling to know that the pieces I've helped to create, design, develop and/or choose, are eventually worn by people all over the world. 

That being said, my career turned into more than just that. I found that Jewelry holds a big piece of my heart. It became an addiction, and then I realized the impact jewelry and accessories can have on others. The feeling it can provide. Jewelry can be high or low end, just like fashion. Whether you're wearing vintage Chanel earrings or a costume necklace, jewelry makes you feel GOOD. It's transformative, it brings confidence, and it's FUN. 

My mission is to empower women of all ages to live a Worship Worthy lifestyle, one piece of jewelry, accessory, artwork and home decor product at a time. Why? Well, I believe that if you constantly surround yourself with powerful and direct reminders of your own self-worth, then you have no choice but to accept it as your truth. 

REMEMBER: Love starts from within. If you love yourself, imagine the outward effects you can have on the world around you. It's not an easy journey, but I want every woman to FEEL it. We are all worthy. 

Please hit me up on Instagram so I can get to know you better. Or you can join my 'tribe' of empowered women who are serious about protecting and growing their self-worth by signing up with your email at the bottom of the website! I'll share discounts, special product releases and other worship worthy tips with you!

Thanks again! 

-XO, Ali